T h e M o n s t e r P r o j e c t

The Monster Project is a public art initiative celebrating children’s drawings of monsters by turning them into potent, quirky, iconic murals.

Our aim with The Monster Project is to subtly refine children's drawings while being true to their vision and energy. The kids' work is already fine and poignant. The project's work is to share it, well.

In 2011 The Monster Project was invited to Miami by curator Annie Hollingsworth and Dorsch Gallery and saw a beautiful monster come to reside in the famous street art district, Wynwood. In collaboration with the amazing arts organization ART STUDIO MIAMI, we got to work with wonderful drawings by local Haitian children and returned again to complete another mural during Art Basel.

In 2010 The Monster Project was invited by artist and curator Rodney Artiles to California and saw two monsters come to life on the West Coast.

The Monster Project was also lucky enough to be picked up in 2010 by artist Jennifer Bevill. Jenny first became interested in The Monster Project while working with the Guggenheim program Learning through Art.

Working as a teaching artist at Brooklyn's PS8, she focused her 2nd and 5th grade curriculums around project concepts. Ms. Bevill understood and worked with The Monster Project perception that these creatures are not only elements of children's imaginations, but also reflections of what they find both powerful and frightening.

As murals these youthful representations of the fierce and powerful are transformed into local guardians. They are fresh commentary on our collective strengths and fears.

The Monster Project launched its first huge public creatures at the 12th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival in DUMBO Brooklyn in 2008.

In 2009, in conjunction with a show at the Open Source Gallery and thanks to a Regrant from the Brooklyn Arts Council in association with the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, more monsters crawled out from under the beds of city kids and onto the streets of Brooklyn.

The Monster Project's intention is to continue "roaming" forward - procuring enough funding to collaborate with more children, bringing their visions to city streets across the country and eventually around the globe.

If you are interested in being on Kylin O'Brien's mailing list or have resources to offer the project please email here.

Skylar says, "Roar."

Many Special Thanks: Jon Chapline, Richard Haden and the Little River Yacht Club, Rachel Hughes and everyone at Art Studio Miami, Ashley Cumberland, Renee Chavez, Annie Hollingsworth, Brooke and Tyler Dorsch, Christian O'Brien and Carla Fontana, Principal Seth Phillips and Noelle Gentile of PS8, Rodney Artiles, Benjamin James and everyone at CoolNeon, Speed's Auto Body Oakland, Tony Parisi and Marina Berlin, Neil Redding, Bey Redding-O'Brien, Heidi Langeneckert, Monika Wuhrer and the Open Source Gallery, Shanti and Steven and Ba-Ba's Deli, Jimmy Quigney and Family of Park Slope Plumbing Supply, the Brooklyn Arts Council in association with the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Dumbo Arts Center, RGH Lighting, Sol Joseph and Critical Massive, Dumbo Hardware and Paint, Tom & Alison O'Brien, David Benedento of Chamber's Papers, Tom Masotto, John Goldstein and Vito of Bavaro Carting.